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“How could you not like a dance that celebrates your womanly curves?

The Dance is both a graceful and skilful form of art, while the social side of the dance unites women of all ages giving them the opportunity to feel truly feminine and express themselves in a supportive environment that crosses the boundaries of age, appearance and creed. Bellydance is an extremely enjoyable way of keeping fit, reducing tension and producing a lasting feeling of physical and emotional well being.

Our classes are non-competitive, rather the focus is on having fun and enjoying yourself, learning the art of Bellydance while having a laugh. Our classes are enriched through the beautiful mothers, daughters & grandmothers, teenagers, business women and gorgeous ladies within them. This is an art for all, and one that is just for you! Our passion for the dance is passed on to each student in classes in which we focus on developing student’s basic foundation moves and technique in a fun and comfortable environment.”